How to Adjust Visual Styles for plotting (when using Hidden View Style)

We've run across this a few times recently, so below I will outline the changes that need to be made to successfully plot a viewport in Paper Space, when the Visual Style is set to Hidden.

Here's the common complaint:

When Plotting a Viewport, that has a Visual Style of Hidden Applied, the end result looks chunky and some items may be missing and in some cases phantom lines appear (that should be hidden).

Here's the solution that we've found to correct most of that:

In the Drawing, type in VISUALSTYLES
That will bring up the Visual Styles Manager.
Select the Hidden Style in the top pane

Scroll down to the Silhouette Edges and change the default Width Value of 3 to 1

Then retest the plot and see if that fixes the chunky plot look.

This is Drawing Specific, not system specific, so this will need to be changed in each drawing (or in the starting Template for all drawings).

The reason is that the Hidden is not plotting using Vectors, it's plotting as a Bitmap, so by reducing the width here, you get cleaner and more precise look to the Hidden View plot.

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