Fabrication Reporting: Edit, Create or Update Report

December 8, 2021 Heather Volk


Using the Fabrication reporting tool, several reports and lists can be generated. These include BOM’s, Material requisitions, schedules, equipment reports, ancillary lists, nest reports and many more. This is one of Fabrications most powerful and helpful tools. Unlike other reports, this can only be utilized within Fabrication CADmep.


To access the report command: Right click anywhere in a drawing > CADmep > Reports.

Edit or Create Report:

Right click > CADmep > Reports > Edit or Create Report:

This allows you to create a new report, create new and copy an existing format to change. Or you can use an existing format and select the report you need to change. There are additional settings below you can check or uncheck depending on your preference. (See above image.) Select “Next” once the selections have been set.

Select Report Parameters:

The column on the left shows the available print objects that can be added to the report. The items that are shown in the report can be changed by adding or removing using the left and right arrows. There are many items to choose from as well as information from Linear Nests and Job information items.

Contents of the report:

The left column shows the print objects that were selected previously and are available to edit. The option to specify the data and criteria that will be shown on the report in the “Contents” column.  The description specifies a title for the column. Units is to specify the unit of measure and degree of accuracy. Rounding specifies the option to round to the nearest, round down and up.


This is where the option to specify data per line item. The ability to show the columns, have them hidden or calculate a total.


The order tab allows additional configuration of each column using the options given. You are also able to set a priority of each print object on the left-hand side. Setting the priority will specify the order in which the items are displayed in the report. 1 is the highest priority unless the box for “In Reverse Order” is checked. Then 1 is the lowest priority.


The calculations tab calculates mathematical equations. The calcs can be constructed from the categories drop-downs above in the blank dialog box. The options that are available are based off the selections of print objects that were selected previously.

The -, *, /, and + options provide the mathematical calculations.


The filter tab will prevent specific unwanted data from showing up on the report pdf. Click the filter field (blank box in center of screen) and use options from the drop-down list.

Exclude all fields if not met: means it will exclude the whole row of data if the condition is not met.

Exclude all blank data: means it will exclude the whole row of data if this data is empty or zero.

Exclude this field’s data if not met: this specifies the field’s data to empty/ blank or zero if the condition is not met.


The Write Output Now option will create the report that was just set up and allow it to be put in model space. There are some other options that allow you to edit the report further including text alignment, report text color and applying a color to blocks or leaders.

Update Existing Table:

This option can be used if the existing table needs to be updated to reflect changes in the drawing.


This spool has been changed. Item number 2’s length has been changed and an additional piece of pipe has been added. Run the “Update Existing Table” command and select the report. It will make the changes:

Follow up:

Stay tuned for the next blog which will go further down the Fabrication Report Rabbit hole! This next blog will be titled Fabrication Reporting Part 2 – Item Report Builder.


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