Clean Uninstall of the IMAGINiT Reprise License Manager

May 28, 2021 Jeff Lotan


Sometimes the Reprise License Manager (RLM) fails to uninstall cleanly so administrators can run a reinstall.

If you are having problems upgrading the RLM, or just trying to get it uninstalled, here are the main steps that have worked consistently. 


This problem can be due to many things.

  • The service is still running.
  • The install became corrupt.
  • You do not have enough permissions under this windows login.
  • It cannot find the file(s) it needs. 
  • Or you may be receiving an error 1722 or 1603.


This article is for system administrators, you will need to use the Windows Command Prompt.

This is kind of a brute force removal, but it works well when the typical methods do not work.


Steps to get a clean removal of the RLM:

  1. Stop the service.
  2. Remove the service.
  3. Uninstall the Reprise License Manager.
  4. Use the Microsoft Fix it utility for install and uninstall problems to verify there is not a remnant left over.
  5. Install the new version.


1.  Stop the service. 

  • Just running services and stopping it may not work. Run services.msc and select the “IMAGINiT Reprise License Manager” service and click Stop.

Exit/Close Services.

2.  Remove the service:

  • Open a command prompt as administrator and use this command: 

SC DELETE "IMAGINiT Reprise License Manager"


  • After you hit enter and see the “SUCCESS”, then close the command prompt and run services.msc again to verify that the service has been removed.

3.  Uninstall using “Control Panel”>“Programs & Features”:

  • Run appwiz.cpl and select the IMAGINiT Reprise License Manager and click Uninstall.  If this fails, go to step 4, otherwise go to step 5.

4.  Use the Microsoft Fix it utility for install and uninstall problems to verify there isn’t a remnant left over.  You can obtain the MS fixit utility here:

Run it and select the Uninstall option so you can try uninstalling the Reprise License Manager if it shows up.

Note: Microsoft Fix it Utility images below may change with different versions but the concept of running the utility will always be the same.

Launch the Fix It tool and click “Next”.

Click “Uninstalling”.

Scroll down and select “Reprise License Manager Install” and click “Next”.

Click “Yes, try uninstall”.

Then follow the rest of the prompts.

5.  You should be able to install the new version now. If you were just trying to remove it, then you are done.

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Jeff Lotan

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