BIM 360 Design: Inviting outside users to your company project

February 27, 2019 Cherisse Biddulph

To invite outside company users to your project first make sure they are aware they will need to purchase a seat of BIM 360 Design for any user who needs access to the project inside Revit.

The BIM 360 account admin will need to sign into BIM 360 and do the following:

  1. Add the company name
  2. Add the user
  3. Add the user to the members list
  4. Invite that user to a project and grant permissions to the folder(s).  If you do not have a members tab then you are not the account admin for your company's site.
  5. Give the user(s) permissions to access folder(s).


From the Account Admin Module you will need to add their company name.

Click on the Companies tab. Click the Blue Add button.

Fill out the company information and click the Save button.

BIM 360 adding companies


Now you need to add the user(s) to the members list. Adding the users here will not give them a seat of BIM 360 Glue, Plan, Build or Docs.

Click on the Members tab and click on the Add button.

Enter in the user's email address and click the Add button to the right.

BIM 360 add users

Enter the company name if you you would like Default Role Then click the save button.

BIM 360 add user and user company

Now to add the user to the project.

Go to the Project tab and click on the project you want to invite them to.

BIM 360 click on project

On the Project Admin module > click on the Members tab > click the blue Add button. 

BIM 360 Project Admin add member

Enter the user's email address and click the select button

BIM 360 project admin select

Make sure the user is assigned to the Document Management which lets them view the models online and Design Collaboration which lets them access your models in Revit.


BIM 360 project memeber icons

Click on the blue button 'Add to Project'.

Now give this user permission to access the folder(s) they will need access to.

Go to the Document Management module.

You can right click on the folder or click on the three dots for the pulldown menu.

BIM 360 document management permission

Enter the user's email and set their permission level and click the 'Add' button.

BIM 360 Document management permissions add user

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