Best Practice for exporting DWG from Revit

February 16, 2024 Gregory Lee

Version of Revit: Applied to All versions.


  • Revit exported DWG file is behaving unpredictable ways:

  • When Block is selected it generates error

  • Performance slows down

  • File become non-workable


Corrupting dwg during exporting process


There are various factors that can lead to dwg file corruption during the exporting process. To reduce the risk of running into such issues, please consider following the best practice below

Thing to avoid when you export DWG from Revit

  • Avoid exporting dwg directly to BIM 360 docs’ folder (or any cloud-based folder)
  • Avoid exporting the views including dwg links
  • Avoid exporting the views including PDF or any image files

Best Practice for exporting DWG from Revit:

  1. Open the project file and save as new central file to local folder
  2. Close out of the project file
  3. Open the duplicated project file from the local drive with Audit option on
  4. Open the Mange Links and remove all links from CAD Formats, DWF Markups, Point Clouds, Topography, PDF, and Image tabs
  5. Purge all unused elements using Purge Unused command
  6. Use Export under the File menu and select DWG from CAD Formats
  7. Adjust the export setting (If you don’t have office standard) 
  8. Click Next after adjusting the export setting
  9. Set output folder in the local drive (*It is recommended not to use any Cloud based drive as output folder)
  10. Click OK to export the dwg.

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