Batch Update of Autodesk Vault Visualizations to Override Background Color

March 17, 2022 Heath White


You may, for various reasons, find the need to change the background of your Vault visualization files for Inventor 2D documentation (i.e., DWG/IDW). In some cases, this may be a personal or corporate preference, or it may just help your users with readability when viewing the DWF files of your designs.


Vault uses global visualization settings that apply to all visualizations (DWF/DWFX) which are created by Vault processes (see below).



It should be noted that these settings do not apply to PDF files or DWF/DWFX files that are created locally by Vault users on check in.


If you would like to change the background color of the visualization files to your preferred color, then you will need an administrative role in the Vault. If you do not have proper permissions, attempts to change any of the visualization settings (and other settings as well) will return the following message:



With proper permissions, you will access the settings from the following menu:




Once you open the “Publish Options” as shown above, you will need to make the preferred settings for each version of Inventor that you intend to use with the Vault. For example, since each version of Vault will work with the same release of Inventor, along with two previous versions, you may need to make the setting change up to three times. However, if you only use one version of Inventor with Vault, then you would only need to make the setting change once.