AutoCAD: External References cause slow performance

March 25, 2022 Jeff Arbogast


AutoCAD: External References cause slow performance.


  • Take a long time to open files.
  • When attempting to edit a file is very slow.
  • External References Manager takes a long time to open.
  • Slow performance while working in the file.


  • External References cannot be found.
  • Corrupted User Files.
  • Number of SHX Font files are missing.
  • Corrupted Text Style.
  • Missing or invalid Add-A-Plotter or Add-A-Style ink files.
  • Large number of External References.


Possible solutions

  • Verify and fix any missing paths to External References.
  • Change SAVETIME Variable to 1.
  • Review document on External References Performance.

  • Check your Text files to make sure all of the fonts are available (If not change them to a good font file).
  • Move all file locally and test the performance compared to the Server.
  • Change Variables XLOADCTL & DEMANDLOAD system variables to 0.
  • Open each External Reference and optimize the file.

  • Try binding the External References and test performance (Try this in a copy of the original).
  • Fix the missing Add-A-Plotter-Wizard and Add-A-Style-Wizard icons.

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