AutoCAD 2024 not saving .pc3 settings

February 28, 2024 Joanna Gryszka


In some instances AutoCAD 2024 isn't saving printer properties changes made to custom .pc3 files. These printer changes saved in previous versions of AutoCAD.

When saving changes to a  plotter configuration file, for example within the Plot dialog box selecting 'Properties' and saving to the original or new .pc3 file:


The issue is documented in this Autodesk knowledge base article:
Paper media preferences from system printer revert to default when loaded from PC3 file in AutoCAD


Update AutoCAD 2024 to the latest update, currently 2024.1.2.  Test saving the .pc3 again, if the settings are not saved try the following:

1. Edit the SYSPLOTCFG system variable and set it to 1

Type in 1 when prompted to enter a new value for SYSPLOTCFG:

2. Use a .pc3 file that was saved in a previous version of AutoCAD 

Copy the .pc3 file that was used in a previous version of AutoCAD to the AutoCAD 2024 'Plotters' folder. 

To find the folder where  .pc3 files are stored  use the PLOTTERMANAGER command.  This opens the 'Plotters' folder where you can copy the .pc3 file from and paste into the 2024 'Plotters' folder using the same command.

3. Try Method 2-creating a page setup in a template- outlined in the reference knowledge base article.

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