Alias Concept and Inventor Import type

December 27, 2023 Shawn Heator


Autodesk Inventor includes a lengthy list of translators that allows users to import a variety of file types. After creating a .wire file in Alias Concept and trying to import into Autodesk Inventor, the following dialog box appears that states “The input file was not generated through Autodesk Alias or Alias Studio. The associate import is not support with this file”.

After selecting “OK”, the user is presented with the Inventor import dialog box that only allows the user to “Convert” the .wire file into an Inventor model.

The option to “Reference Model” is not available in the Import dialog box. The “Import Type” automatically defaults to “Convert Model.” This will convert the model into an Inventor file. Converting the model is a one time action that will break the reference to the original file. Reference model will maintain a link between the current file and the Inventor file. With the selection as a "Reference model", the geometry will update if the original file is updated.


Alias Concept .wire files are generated with a slightly different code than Alias Studio or Alias Surface. While .wire files generated from Alias Studio or Alias Surface can be imported into Inventor as a reference model, at the time this article is written, the only available import option for Alias Concept .wire files is to “Convert Model”. 


Autodesk development is aware there is a difference between the exported .wire files between the different versions of Alias and how they import into Inventor. Development is currently investigating a solution to allow .wire files generated from Alias Concept to be imported as a reference model.

Currently, the only option during import of an Alias Concept .wire file in Inventor Professional is to “Convert Model”.

If you have access to a different version of Alias (Alias Studio or Alias Surface), then use the alternate version of Alias to create .wire files as they should include the option to “Reference Model” when importing into Autodesk Inventor Professional.

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