3 Reasons to Invest in Professional Development Now

March 3, 2021

COVID-19 created a number of unprecedented challenges for you to deal with in a remarkably short amount of time. While putting business-as-usual activities on a back burner, you scrambled to set employees up with home offices, determined where to increase/decrease your focus, and made strategic decisions on investments to keep your business alive.

As you settle into your new normal, is it time for you to make strategic decisions that will help your business prosper? If yes, we recommend that you consider a focus on employee development. Here are 3 reasons:

  1.  For the past year, employees have scrambled with their employers to keep the business going and are settling into the new routine. As employers are thinking once again about their next moves, it is important to invest in employee development to create loyalty and increase retention.
  2.  Skilled employees are more valuable during uncertain times. They work more independently, offer more innovative solutions, and are better equipped to handle challenges as they arise.
  3.  Many companies are relaunching training initiatives. Keeping yours on hold can leave your company behind the curve and catching up later can be difficult and costly.

Employee Training in the COVID-19 Era

Going back to your old training methods will not cut it. It is difficult to get everyone into the same training room, travel restrictions are still in place, and you do not want your employees taking additional time away from their core activities.

IMAGINiT’s ProductivityNOW is the answer.

ProductivityNOW is an eLearning platform that provides on-demand access to hundreds of self-paced classes on Autodesk software as well as online training videos, white papers, and other resources. With ProductivityNOW, your employees can access the content they want, or their managers can set up learning paths and monitor their progress. Either way, your employees will gain the software skills they need to help your company prosper long into the future.

“ProductivityNOW continues to be the best training solution for us,” said Trevor Acker, Drafting Manager, Foremost. “Long-time employees, new hires, and even summer interns easily access the classes they need.”

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