SecondRun /lang en-us /FirstRunThreadId error when installing Autodesk Software


When installing an Autodesk product, you receive this error right away:


This error is due to a space in the windows username. C:\Users\John Doe\AppData vs C:\Users\JohnDoe\AppData

To create a work around to get the software installed, create a new folder to be used as a temp folder:

1. Using File Explorer, create a new folder with a simple name in the root of the C:\ drive, such as C:\installTEMP. Edit the folder permissions to give full control to 'Everyone':
    a. Right-click the folder and select Properties.
    b. Choose the Security tab.
    c. Click Edit to change permissions.
    d. For each group or username, select Full control.
    e. Click OK.

2. Go to Windows search in the bottom left and type Environment Variables and choose “Edit the system environment variables” at the top of the search.


3. Under “System Properties” and the Advance tab, down towards the bottom choose Environment Variables button.


4. Once the Environment Variables opens you will see “TEMP and TMP” under “User variables for”


5. Under “User variables for” choose “TEMP” and the Edit… button


6. For the “Variable value” add the new folder you created in step 1. I used C:\installTEMP


7. Add the same new folder value for the “TMP” folder also


8. You should be able to install the Autodesk product now.

9. After you are done installing the product(s) you can change the folder names back in the environment variable. Here are the correct default folder settings for the “TEMP” and “TMP” Variable value.


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