Autodesk Software Freezing When Accessed via Remote Desktop


When accessing your work computer via an RDP (Remote Desktop) connection some or all of your Autodesk software will appear to lock up or freeze. There are no errors with this issue. Also, the software does not show “Not Responding” and the system resources are running at normal levels.

Due to a disparity in monitor setup and/or resolution, there may be windows opening off screen. MS Remote Desktop does not allow you to modify screen resolution via “Display Settings” in Windows 10.

The solution to this issue is the same you would use any time you suspect that there is a window appearing offscreen.

Select the “Alt” key, then hit the "Spacebar." This will bring up the following menu which may or may not be visible on your screen.

A + S 


Even if you can’t see the menu above, you should hit the “M” key to activate the “Move” window command.


After hitting the “M” key, use the “Arrow” keys to bring the hidden window back onscreen.


You may need to hit the keys repeatedly and/or try the opposite arrow key if you are not seeing the window coming back onscreen.

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