Include additional files with a deployment


You want to distribute additional files to the workstations during an installation from a deployment.


An Autodesk product deployment can distribute any file to any location on the workstations by using the additional files section. The file(s) to be distributed are placed within the deployment’s folder structure.

In this example, the deployment will also be installing IMAGINiT’s Utilities and needs to distribute a file containing the location of the Utilities’ network license manager to each workstation.

In Additional Files, you first select the location on the workstations where to want to place the file, then you select the file to be copied.

1. Select Add Drive. Drive C: is automatically selected, change the drive letter now if necessary.


 2. Select Add Folder. Type the name of the first level folder. Do not include any slashes (/).


3. Repeat Add Folder as necessary to add additional folders below the first level folder.


4. After all folders have been added, with the destination folder highlighted, select Browse to select the file.


5. Browse to the file within the deployment’s folder structure and select Open. Additional Files will now show the workstation’s path and the file(s) to be distributed.


6. Continue configuring and create the deployment.

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