Vault “Cannot Download Files”

December 22, 2023 Heath White


 When performing a “Get” on a parent assembly while having a child file checked out
 Vault displays an error that the file cannot be downloaded due to vault restrictions (see screenshot below).

Trying to open a child file for editing while having both the parent and the child file checked out. Attempting to open the file directly from vault, from the x-reference palette, from AutoCAD open, from Vault open within AutoCAD, and from the computer's working folder, but the child file will only open in "Read Only" mode (despite its window's properties confirming it is not read only).


This issue was caused by a unique combination of settings in AutoCAD that are not frequently encountered.


The steps taken to resolve the issue included changing the following system variables in ACAD.

  1. SECUREREMOTEACCESS to value 0  Details
  2. XLOADCTL is set to 2. Details
  3. DEMANDLOAD is set to 3. Details

Once those settings had been changed, the file restriction no longer occurred, and the users were able to check the files out as intended.

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