Plangrid/Build SSO Clarification

December 22, 2023 Heath White

We recently had an inquiry regarding PlanGrid SSO and I wanted to provide some clarification for those that have been confused by Autodesk SSO Integration and PlanGrid’s SSO. PlanGrid is considered to be a “legacy” product and as such it does not natively participate in the Autodesk SSO integration, rather it has its own SSO which has to be configured separately.  That also means that issues with PlanGrid SSO would go to a separate support team ( than typical SSO cases.

From Autodesk PlanGrid Team:

In general, we recommend that you keep your email addresses consistent across all Autodesk applications, whether that is PlanGrid or Autodesk Construction Cloud. This is largely because, if your users have both an Autodesk Build (login via, as well as a PlanGrid account (login via, and they are using the PlanGrid Build mobile app, it will defer to their Autodesk Build credentials instead of their PlanGrid credentials. So, in that instance, SSO that you have set up for PlanGrid will not work for the PlanGrid Build app, but rather it will use the SSO for Autodesk Build.

As for order of operations, the SSO licensing for PlanGrid and Autodesk Construction Cloud are still managed separately.

For additional details please see the official site:

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