Unable to Double Click a VIEWPORT to Make it Active

July 25, 2023 Jeff Lotan


We are unable to double-click a viewport to make it active.


This can happen when using MAXACTVP and having it set to a number smaller than the number of viewports within the drawing.  


There are a couple of ways to work around this problem.

  • Toggle the properties of the viewport off/on manually.
  • Create a toolbar button to turn it on.

Toggling the ViewPort:

Select the Viewport and bring up the Properties Palette.

Under the “Misc” section set the On value to No or Yes, you may need to go back and forth a couple of times.


Using a Toolbar button to Toggle the setting On.

Autodesk has an article on how to add a new toolbar button:


I will use the following settings for my new toolbar button.

  • Name:  ViewportOn
  • Description:  Turns on the viewport
  • Macro :  ^C^C_mview on \;

For the toolbar image, click the one you want from the list or you can make your own.

Click Apply!

Now to get the button onto the Viewport toolbar.

Drag & drop the new icon onto the Viewports toolbar (or toolbar of your choice).

Click Apply & Ok.

Make sure you turn on the Viewport toolbar and now when you click the new toolbar button, select the viewport you want turned on.

When I click the lightbulb toolbar button I created, the command line now shows:

I click on the viewport.

And there it is!

This one will allow you to click the viewport then the toolbar button.

(below code provided by Ryan Wunderlich)


Lastly, you could reset MAXACTVP to a higher number.  The default is 64.

Note: this may affect performance.

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