Selecting Preview in Vault Thin Client Error 404

December 22, 2021 Heath White

Selecting Preview in Vault Thin Client: Error 404


Since upgrading to Vault Professional 2022, some users have experienced an Error 404 when trying to view visualization files in the Vault Thin Client.  Starting with Vault Professional 2022, the Thin Client now utilizes the Autodesk Forge Viewer to display visualization files so this is a relatively new issue.


This problem is due to Lifecycle Security settings in the Vault restricting the user’s ability to view visualization files.  This is often difficult to troubleshoot since most admins will attempt to troubleshoot the Lifecycle of the drawing or model file.  However, this issue is caused by Lifecycle Security settings on the visualization file and not the drawing or model file.

There are a few other scenarios that should also be considered since they can generate similar looking notices.

For example, the message in the image below indicates that the visualization for the file has not yet been generated.


Alternately, the message in the following image is due to the user having “Read” permission to the visualization, but not “Download” permission.  Both are required for viewing in the new Autodesk Forge Viewer.


Both of the permissions highlighted below are required for viewing visualization files in Vault Thin Client.


As you can see below, in this example, the drawing file and the visualization of the drawing (the DWF file is normally a hidden file but is displayed here for illustrative purposes only) have different Categories and subsequently different Lifecycles.