Revit cannot export 3D view – Twinmotion is not installed

February 9, 2024 Shlomo Okoye


When trying to export a 3D view using the “OPEN IN TWINMOTION” Command from Revit 2023.1 and newer, the following error message pops up,  "Twinmotion is not installed. A supported version of Twinmotion is not installed. Please access your Autodesk Account, Products and Services to download and try again."

This error occurs even when Twinmotion is installed and running.


  • The issue is caused by an incompatible Unreal Datasmith direct link plugin.
  • Revit 2023.1 comes with Datasmith version 5.0.3 built-in. This version of Datasmith Exporter does not support Twinmotion 2023.1.2 and newer releases.
  • Twinmotion 2022 - Revit 2024 only supports Datasmith version 5.1 and above, and so can’t export to Twinmotion 2022.2.3 and older releases.


Check what version of Datasmith Exporter plugin you have currently installed and verify that it is compatible with the version of Twinmotion you have installed. (See Revit to Twinmotion Compatibility Guide)

You can verify this from Windows Apps and features.

For Twinmotion 2023.1.2 and newer releases,

You will need to use Datasmith version 5.1.1 or newer.

It is recommended to install the latest version of the datasmith exporter,

Get it here - Twinmotion Datasmith Exporter plugin for Revit - Twinmotion

Follow the guide below to install:

Installing the Datasmith Plugin for Revit | Epic Developer Community (

For Twinmotion 2021.1.4 - 2022.2.3,

You will need to use Datasmith version 5.0.3.

Install this version from the ‘Archived versions’ section here,

Take note to remove any different installed version of the Unreal Datasmith exporter before installing this version.

Workaround workflow for Revit 2023.1 and earlier versions,

Revit 2023.1 may still not be able to launch Twinmotion 2023 using the “open in Twinmotion” command. The workaround is to create a direct link from Twinmotion.

  1. Launch Revit first, then go to the Datasmith tab and select the 3D view you wish to export to Twinmotion,

  1. Next open Twinmotion, go to the import tab and select the option to import direct link.

  1. Select from the list of open Revit projects, the model view you wish to open, confirm the import settings, and then import.
  2. Now go back to Revit and you should be able to update the view using the synchronize commands from both the 'Datasmith' tab and the Revit 'View' tab.

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