Obtaining Updates For Twinmotion

June 30, 2022 Heath White


Obtaining Updates for Twinmotion


You’ve purchased Twinmotion and would like to get the latest version.  You also want to know if any additional purchases are required.


Twinmotion is managed through the Epic Games Launcher.




Because of this, most users are not aware when an update is available if they are accessing Twinmotion via a desktop shortcut.



When inside the Epic Games Launcher, you will need to do the following:


  1. Select “Unreal Engine” from the side panel.  This allows you to see the tab for Twinmotion.
  2. Select the “Twinmotion” tab to display the Twinmotion installation/activation interface
  3. Select the flyout in order to see the list of versions of Twinmotion available to you.  You can install one or more versions.  Keep in mind that if you choose a trial version, it will run with the trial version limitations even if you have purchased a license.  Also, note that “Preview” versions may contain functions which are not fully functional or fully supported.
  4. Choose the version of Twinmotion you would like to use.