Model Coordination - Turning off Automated Clashes

March 22, 2024 Jeremy Smith

When using a Shared Coordination Space on ACC/BIM 360, newly published models may take a long time to finish processing.

One way to minimize the processing time, particularly when you don't need to run clashes on every model or view is to turn off the automated clash detection for one or more models in Model Coordination.

Here are the steps (Note:  the images below are from the BIM 360 platform, but the same steps apply on the ACC platform):

  1. Open project
  2. Select the Model Coordination module
  3. Select the Clashes tab
  4. Select Settings pull-down and choose Models
  5. Select the model(s) that you do not want included in the clash check
  6. Click on Turn clash off

You can always return here to turn clashes back on for the models.

Note:  when creating a new coordination space, you have the option to turn the automatic clash off.

Additional information:  Depending on when your project and coordination spaces were created, you may experience improved performance and enhancements.  See:

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