Inventor “Warning: You have a non-empty VBA project…”

September 13, 2023 Heath White


When starting a file from a template, you receive the message below. You’d like to get rid of the message but are not sure of the best way to do so.


It is important to note that this is not an error, it is simply a warning/notification to make you aware that there could be negative consequences to leaving the file “as is.”  The message will continue to pop up until you either remove the data in the internal VBA project, move the data to an application or user project (which are external), or you could choose to hide the message (not recommended).


The solution I will address here is the removal of the Document Project(s) from the template which is giving the warning. If that is not an option for you, then following the suggestion in the Warning and moving “all VBA macros, procedures, forms, and project items from your template to an application or user level project…” would be the recommended course of action.

To remove the source of the warning, first open the template that is generating the warning. If you have a typical project structure, you templates will be located outside your project search path. While not a desirable when working with typical files, this is expected behavior for templates.

Once you have the template open, navigate to the Tools Tab> Options Panel > VBA Editor as show in the following image.

The VBA Editor will open a new window where you can see both Application Projects and Document Projects.

Since storing modules in the Document Project is what is triggering the warning, we will remove those from the template by Right-clicking on each of the modules and choosing the “Remove” option. Remove will be followed by the module name so the exact display will vary.

Once you have removed all the modules under the Document Project, your view should appear similar to the following image. Note that the “Application Project” that is listed is the project defined in Inventor’s application options and is not stored in the template file, so it does not need to be removed.

Save the changes and the file and that should allow you to create new files without receiving the warning.

For further information regarding VBA in Inventor please see the following from the Inventor online help:

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