Incorrect 'Open Documents in session' count after Rebuild All with Model States

March 28, 2023 Joanna Gryszka


After performing a in an Inventor assembly Model State, the 'Open Documents in session' count in the Status Bar doesn't reflect the  current Model State.

The  'Open Documents in session' value at the far right reverts back to the '[Primary]' Model State total.

Switching to a Model State with suppressed components the 'Open Documents in session' count should lower by the amount of suppressed components:

But after a Rebuild All the value reverts back the to '[Primary]' total.

Substitute derived or Simplified assembly Model State may also show a value higher than 2.

This can occur in Inventor 2022  and 2023.


The issue is confirmed in the following Autodesk in this article:


Components that are suppressed in a Model State shouldn't count as loaded in session, similar to the previous Level of Detail functionality.

The Document and Application Information at the bottom right of the Status bar lists the:

►Number of occurrences in the active document.

►Number of documents open in the session

More information on Model States

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