IMAGINiT Reprise Network License Manager ports to Whitelist

December 1, 2022 Jeff Lotan

You want to know which ports to whitelist for communication between the IMAGINiT Reprise License Manager (RLM) and the client machine to obtain a license.

The IMAGINiT RLM uses 4 ports.  Three of them are hardcoded and one is dynamic.  I recommend you hardcode the dynamic port first, then set the firewall exceptions/whitelist.

Please see our blog: "How to Hardcode the IMAGINiT Reprise License Manager Dynamic Port"


NOTE:   This should be done by your IT professional that is proficient with opening communication and keeping the company safe/secure.

Once you've completed that task, then you can open these ports on the server.  TCP & UDP Inbound ports 5053, 5054, 6005, 27051.

In this example I'll just use the simple Windows Firewall under "Advanced Settings".

I typically do two "Inbound Rules".

I name the rules:  

  • IMAGINiT TCP Ports 5053,5054,6005,27051
  • IMAGINiT UDP Ports 5053,5054,6005,27051


Here's what it should look like in the main view.



Here are the settings in the dialog.

Give it a name.


Use TCP and add the ports.

Then do the same thing for the UDP ports.




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