How to Hardcode the IMAGINiT Reprise License Manager Dynamic Port

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When checking the license “Status,” you find the port keeps changing from time to time. This port is dynamically generated from time to time.

To get to the server status when on the server, click this link (http://localhost:5054/home.asp ) or run setuphelper.exe and on the Service tab click the Website button:

Hardcode 1

When you are trying to open up the firewall port you have to keep adding to it instead of it being static.


The license file has one of two ports hardcoded in the license file; one is dynamic and will change from time to time. The Reprise License Manager (RLM) uses 4-5 ports, one for the Rand.exe and one for the RLM.exe. We typically put in 27051 for the rlm.exe so the Rand.exe will dynamically change. It also needs 5053, 5054 for the web interface.


We can hardcode the dynamic port to a specific port number so it won’t change going forward. This will also help avoid conflicts with any other Reprise License Managers installed and running on the same server.

1. Run the setuphelper.exe and ensure the service is stopped. 

Hardcode 1

Note: SetupHelper.exe is located on the server in the folder: C:\Program Files (x86)\IMAGINiT Technologies\Reprise License Manager 

2. After it says “Stopped," exit the setuphelper.exe by clicking the "X" in the upper right corner.

3. Edit the license file and add a port on the ISV line. The license file should be in the same folder as setuphelper.exe.

4. Open the license file in a text editor like notepad. At the top of the license file you should see something like this:

HOST W10-MyPC 4b15ccgb87d3 27051
ISV rand
LICENSE rand imaginitc3dutilities 2020 permanent 5 max_roam=14…

Note: The 27051 above is configurable by the administrator of the license file. IMAGINiT defaults it to 27051 so any blogs will use that number.

Say we want to hardcode port 6005 into the license file. Locate the ISV line and add PORT=6005 to the end of the line. Ensure there is only one space after rand and port.

HOST W10-MyPC 4b15ccgb87d3 27051
ISV rand PORT=6005

5. Exit the text editor and save the license file.

6. Run setuphelper.exe

7. On the Service tab, click "Start."

Hardcode 3

8. Once it changes to Running, click the “Website” button.

9. Click the "Status" button and verify. The port is now 6005, as we put in the license file.

Hardcode 4

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