How to use the Browser Download method for Autodesk products

December 9, 2021 Ken Williams


Use an alternative method to download your assigned Autodesk products.


  1. Go to and log in.
  2. After you log in, on the left-hand side menu click on “All Products and Services” 
  3. Choose the product you will be downloading and click on “View Downloads”. 
  4. On the right side under download method choose “View all”. 
  5. From the dropdown menu choose “Browser Download”. 
  6. Now click on the “Browser Download” button. 
  7. On the popup window you will see a message to “Disable browser pop-up blockers before downloading”. Following this blog to disable your browser pop-up blockers, then click “Start Download”. 
  8. When the download(s) complete, go to your download folder.
  9. If you download a smaller program like AutoCAD2022. You will have 1 file. Click on this file to unpack the program into the default C:\Autodesk. 
  10. If you downloaded a larger program like Civil 3D 2022. You will have more than 1 file. This is why we turn off the pop-up blocker. These files will all need to be in the same folder. Start the unpacking of the download files that are in the same folder (downloads) by clicking on the file that has an 001 towards the end of the name.                                                                
  11. You will get a box that pops up asking you to “Select the destination folder” I usually leave it as the default C:\Autodesk