How to use PDQ to deploy AutoCAD 2021

October 2, 2020 Ken Williams

How to use PDQ to deploy AutoCAD 2021


How do I use PDQ to deploy AutoCAD 2021



  1. We need to create the AutoCAD 2021 deployment first.
  2. Please go to this Blog and follow the instructions to create an AutoCAD 2021 deployment. You can create a deployment for Named User or for a Network license using this blog

  1. After creating the AutoCAD 2021 deployment, open PDQ Deploy and click “New Package”

  1. This next step has 2 different ways to accomplish what we need to do. I will show both ways and you decide the best process for you.


  1. Click “New Step” from the ribbon and then choose “Command”

  1. Or click on “Steps” under properties and choose “Command”.

  1. Navigate to the location of the AutoCAD 2021 deployment that you would like to use with PDQ Deploy.
    1. Right click on the shortcut in the folder with the name you created in the “Deployment configuration name” when you created the deployment.
    2. Click properties

  1. Copy all the info from the target field.

  1. Copy this information into the command field.

  1. The next step is to add a /W right after the \Setup.exe in the command field. It should look like this; \Setup.exe /W /qb. The “/W” tells the deployment to run the command and then wait for the other sub-processes to finish before it returns.

  1. Click the “Conditions” tab. Then click the drop arrow on the O/S Version to choose the targeted OS versions.

  1. Next, click the drop-down arrow next to O/S Architecture and choose the targeted O/S Architecture.