How to Update Autodesk Desktop App

November 29, 2018 Ryan Wunderlich


You open the Autodesk Desktop App and it either is blank or says all updates are installed and you know there are additional updates for your software available


The Autodesk Desktop App is not up to date


You will need to uninstall the Desktop App and Reinstall the newest version from Autodesk

To Uninstall:

1. Right Click on System Tray Icon > Exit Desktop App
2. Open Task Manager > Services > Stop AdAppMgrSvc
3.In Task Manager > under the "Processes" tab right click on "AdAppMgrSvc.exe" and choose "End Process"
4. In the Windows Control Panel uninstall the Autodesk Desktop App from the "Uninstall or change a program" menu

Then re-install using the latest version from the online portal:

Note: As of 03/19/2024, Desktop App is no longer supported by Autodesk. The information contained in this post may no longer be relevant and/or the necessary updates to the product may be inaccessible.

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