How to locate direct download links for currently available product updates

October 21, 2020 Bob Felton

Autodesk has changed its policy for downloading up to 5 previous versions of current products, but not the updates for those products older than 3 versions.

Some products are affected by this change, such as Autodesk Vault Server, for which Autodesk requires that all available updates be applied before migrating to a later version.

So, for upgrading from Vault 2017 to Vault 2019, the updates for 2017 are older than three prior versions from the current version and are therefore not shown among the Updates & Add-ons for Products and Services for Vault at the page.

But the 2017 updates can be located under the Product Updates if you allow enough time for all available updates to load, or wait for the filtered search as shown:

Or, it is possible to locate the Update ID from the 'Export to CSV' spreadsheet to generate a direct download link. The resulting spreadsheet also includes nearly 1200 other Autodesk products, some, but not all, of which go back to 2015, such as Revit and AutoCAD MEP.

Note: For current updates and three versions back, the Update ID can also be viewed from the 'View Details' from Updates & Add-ons in the All Products and Services in the page.

Also, from current updates, the standard download path for a given update is viewable when you click to download. For example, for Vault, the standard path for server updates is[product year]/VLTM/ followed by the [Update ID], then the update's [download file name]. 


For example, for Vault 2021.1.1 Server Update the direct download link is:

From that example, with the Update ID from the exported spreadsheet and the standard direct download path, the Vault 2017.2.5 Update (Server) can be constructed as:

Note: Starting with 2018 product update downloads and later, the file format changed from .msp to .exe.


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