How to Download and Install the IMAGINiT Utilities for Vault Client

June 1, 2023 Jeff Lotan


You want to download and install the IMAGINiT Utilities for Vault Client.


It’s best to be logged into the computer using Administrator credentials to do this install.

Here are the best practices steps to download and install the Utilities:

1) In the email you received it should show you a link to download the Utilities for Vault Client.  If you have not received that email, then please go to and request the Utilities.


2) Download the .zip file, from the link in the email, to C:\Autodesk.

3) Right click the .zip file and select Properties.

4) Put a check in the “Unblock” box if it exists and click Apply and Ok.

5) Extract the files from the .zip.  Just right click and select “Extract All…” and use the default location.

6) Exit Vault Client, then go into the new folder and right click the installer and select to “Run as administrator”  to install our Utilities for Vault Client.

7) Use the defaults as much as possible on the screens to let it install.  Click “Next>”.

8) Accept the license agreement if you agree and want to continue the installation.

9) Click the “Install” button.

10) If the email that has the Authcode in it is for a “Standalone”, then you can click the “Activate Standalone with Authorization Code” button and copy/paste the Authcode to activate.

IF the email was for a “Network” license and you know the server name, then click “Set My Network License Server Info” and fill in the server name.

Otherwise, you can click the “Close Window” button.  The install will continue and finish but when you try to access them you’ll get another licensing dialog similar to the above image.

11) Click “Finish” to finish the install.  

12)   The Utilities for Vault Client are now installed and can be accessed within Vault.

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