Fabrication User Interface

April 19, 2021 Heather Volk

Interface Components:

Service Palette: Shows the services that are currently set and shows all the items in the service. The Service Palette can be moved or docked in different locations in the User Interface depending on user preference. Using different button sizes the Service Palette can be customized based on preference.

Service and Section Bar: Change the service by clicking the drop down on the top left, Edit Service Database on the top right, and change the Section that you are drawing on the bottom.

**If the service and section bar is missing or lost use command “USESYSTEMS” to get them back. **

Fabrication CADmep Toolbar: This tool palette has many different unique tools for Fabrication CADmep. Some of the buttons have a small arrow indicating it has a fly out with other tools on it. From top to bottom the tools are:

  • Attacher Arrow
  • Edit an Object.
  • Change Object Properties
  • Database Utilities
  • Fill Utilities
  • Text Utilities
  • Sections
  • Search Tools
  • Match Object Properties
  • View Utilities
  • Design Tools
  • Spool Tools
  • Take-Off Folder Tools

** If the CADmep Toolbar gets closed or disappears use command “TBAR” to open again. **

Shortcut Menus:

Right click menu > CADmep:

  1. Edit takes you to the Edit Parts screen to edit any parts that are in place.
  2. Set attacher (toggle on)
  3. Hide attacher (toggle off)
  4. Re-number
  5. Changing Specification(s)
  6. Update Dynamic holes
  7. Fab Viewer
  8. Job information
  9. Cost Breakdown
  10. Print
  11. Print Preview
  12. Print Layout
  13. Printer Setup
  14. Reports
  15. Cam
  16. Output to Viewer
  17. Update Viewer Output
  18. Output Points
  19. Load Points
  20. Setup
  21. Profiles
  22. Utilities
  23. Import
  24. Help

There is a separate contextual menu that appears when items are selected.

Items Selected and Right Click:

Specific Fabrication CADmep properties will come up, turning on or off annotations, getting reports off items, and going into properties of the items.



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