Fabrication CADmep Network Database Set-up

April 8, 2022 Heather Volk


Changes to the database, services created, or reports made does not reflect in everyone’s services or database.


Users are using the OOTB (Out of The Box) database installed on their C drive and not a network pathed database.


Move the most current and updated Fabrication CADmep Database to a network or shared location. This can be somewhere on a server or in the cloud.


  1. Manually copy the database from current location. (Example is OOTB 2021)


  1. Paste the V3.06 folder to a Network/ Shared location.
  2. Go to “Start” button > scroll down to correct folder of Fabrication CADmep. (Example is 2021) Select “Edit Configuration”


  1. Select “New” in the top right corner to add the new configuration.

**Note: This is what the configuration should look like. If you are missing the Imperial and Metric content for 2022 download from the following link:



(If missing from a version older than 2022 a “Clean Uninstall/ Reinstall” will be needed followed by a full download and installation. This would involve changing the download preference from “Install now” to “Download Now” or “Browser Download.”) See this Blog for more details.


Autodesk Clean Uninstall / Reinstall Directions


  1. Path to the Network/ Shared location by clicking on the green box in the top right corner. The database can be stored on a Server environment or a Cloud environment. Then click “Select.”


  1. Name the new configuration, then select “Ok.”


  1. The new configuration will display in the Edit Configuration choices.


  1. Repeat steps 3-7 on other user’s machines to path to the new Network Database.


If you do not want to be prompted each time you run Fabrication CADmep on which database you will be using, check the “Remember this next time” box in the bottom left corner of the Edit Configuration screen. Fabrication CADmep will always launch with the selected database until that box is unchecked. If the process is to toggle between different databases, leave the box unchecked.


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