Elevation tags become inverted after mirroring a project in Revit

May 9, 2024 Shlomo Okoye

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After using the Mirror Project command in Revit, some elevation tags become inverted.


There are more than one labels in the elevation mark family. This is the default behavior in Revit, and it is working as designed. The different labels will flip positions when the project is mirrored in the North-South direction.


To resolve the issue, modify the Elevation Mark body annotation family to have only one label with multiple parameters, applying 'break' to have one parameter over the other.

Take the following steps to edit the annotation family:

  1. From the project Browser, locate the Elevation mark body under Annotation symbols and open the family for edit.
  2. Delete the label at the bottom (e.g. sheet number), and edit the one at the top (e.g. detail number).
  3. On the Edit Label dialog, Add the ‘sheet number’ parameter to the label.
  4. Tick the ‘break’ checkbox on the first parameter to have it above the second parameter (Leaving the box unticked will keep the parameters side by side).

A screenshot of a computerDescription automatically generated

  1. Click OK, and make sure to set the label text family background to transparent.
  2. Load the family into the project and override everything.

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