Creating a Fabrication CADmep Service

February 21, 2024 Paul Sills

Creating a Fabrication CADmep Service


The out of the box services are great to start, but most companies need more services created to get all their work modeled. This blog will go over the steps to create a new service and add new items to it.


** I always like to create a copy of the OOTB (Out of the box) database systems, then you have the original to fall back on in case something happens that was not intended. **


  1. Set the service that a copy will be made from. Click on the “Edit Service Database” button to the right of it.

  1. To make a copy of the OOTB Vent service click on the “New Service” button and it will ask if you want to create a copy of that service. Select “Yes” to create a copy, or “No” to start from scratch.

  1. Once “Yes” has been selected, you have the option to create a new service name and move to a new group if desired. In this example we will be creating a “Waste” service. Change the name to Waste then change the “Abrv” (Abbreviation) to a W. We will keep it in the ADSK – Plumbing (DWV) group. If the location needed to change to another group change with the “Group” dropdown. Select OK

  1. Next step regards the Service Template. The OOTB service template that was associated with this service is “Public Health – Charlotte-PVC-Sch40_v2.” This means they are using Charlotte schedule 40 PVC. If needed, a new service template can be created or a different one set.
  2. To create a new service template, click the “New Template” button and make a copy of the current service template and rename it accordingly.

  1. Select the “Properties” button to change the name. Set the name and click “Ok”.

The “Group” section is similar to the “Group” section from step #3 except it will create a different “Service Template Group”. In this example we will be creating a Spears Service Template for the Waste.

  1. To remove the old .itms and add the new .itms window over the old ones or select then right click and select delete.

Then select yes to delete.

  1. Locate the generic PVC pipe and drag and drop into the fittings tab.

  1. Add all fittings needed by dragging and dropping.

  1. Finally select “Ok” and “Ok” to save the changes. The service is ready to use.


Creating a new service is simple, but when in doubt hit cancel. If you think you messed something up do not hit ok, instead hit cancel to not save the change.

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