Create hatching under Existing Ground Profile in Civil 3D

August 2, 2022 Ryan Wunderlich
  1.  You will need to create a secondary profile that follows (or is close to the EG) at a distance below the current EG:
    Draw a series of basic lines below the current EG:

    Once the lines are drawn, move them down to a distance that looks good.

  2. Then go to Profile => Profile Creation Tools:

    Then set up the data like this:

    Then when this box came up, Click here to convert the lines drawn above to a profile:

    Select the lines drawn from step 1 and that created the new Hatch Profile

    Escape until you are back in C3D and all dialogs are closed

  3. Next, we now need to modify a style
    Navigate to the Gravel under General => Multipurpose Styles => Shape Styles

    Double Click to Edit then navigate to the Display Tab and set it as follows:

    Then click OK, if you get this box, select Make a Copy:

  4. Remaining in Prospector => Settings tab, navigate to Profile => Profile Styles and double click to Edit Basic (which we set the Hatch line to in Step 2), and set it like below:

    Then click OK, if you get this box, select Make a Copy: