Coordination with Issues feature on Build

July 10, 2023 Gregory Lee


Not all Autodesk Construction Cloud project members have Build Subscriptions, leading to concerns about coordination using the issues feature between users who only have access to Docs and those who only have access to Build.


The main cause of these concerns is a lack of understanding about the capabilities of the tools. Both Docs and Build have an issues feature that is interconnected and fully capable of coordinating between users with different subscriptions. There are several benefits that users can utilize on the job site, such as quick clash verifications or reviewing RFIs using mobile devices.


Using the issues feature in Build to coordinate with Docs:

Issue in the Build is cross platform module that shared in Model coordination and Docs. Issue that created different module will be shared throughout all modules.

  1. Create an issue with Model Coordination for quick field verification.   
  2. The same issue will be available in Docs under the Issues section. 
  3. The same issue will also be available in Build under the Issues section. 
  4. The same information can also be accessed using smart devices with the ACC app.  

Each user can access the issues from different modules and communicate with each other in real-time. This feature is especially useful on the job site where clear communication between field workers and the VDC team is critical.

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