BIM 360 Team Folder Issue

January 19, 2023 Gregory Lee


There is yellow marker appears on Project Admin>Design Collaboration>Services

Design Collaboration module performance is degraded and takes a long time to load.


One or more team folders have been deleted manually by a user.

Team folders are created automatically when Design Collaboration is activated.

List of team folders:

  • Shared
  • Consumed


You can restore the deleted Team folder from the setting under Project Admin.

Click the yellow marker to bring up the dialog.

To prevent this from happening, do not delete any team folders that were created automatically when Design Collaboration was enabled.

Follow the steps below to remove the team folder properly.

  1. Navigate to Project Admin
  2. Select Design Collaboration
  3. Select Service from the option tab
  4. Select the team that needs to be removed by checking the checkbox and clicking Deactivate team
  5. Then Delete Team

Consume folder and project folder under the Shared folder are removed after following the above steps.

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