Beyond eLearning: What ProductivityNOW Adds to Your At-Home Autodesk Solution

March 23, 2020 Todd Stuart

Working from home has its perks – such as no commute - but it also has disadvantages. The main one being the loss of knowledge that is normally available.

Being away from your team, you realize how much you relied on your peers to answer your quick ‘how to’ questions.  Reaching out to them by IM, email or phone, isn’t quite the same and it can be difficult to explain or demonstrate through these mediums.

ProductivityNOW provides not only self-paced eLearning with courseware from ASCENT and Eagle Point, but also extensive search capabilities, allowing you to access quick answers to your questions.

  • Powered by Pinnacle Series from Eagle Point, ProductivityNOW has a comprehensive online learning library for Autodesk products with videos and in-depth explanations on how to leverage different features. Here are just a few things included with ProductivitiyNOW:Courses for all major Autodesk products.
  • Real-world examples from industry-experienced engineers.
  • Lessons accommodate multiple learning modalities: visual, auditory, and tactile.
  • Courses are available anytime, anywhere.
  • User-created workgroups enable the sharing of content with teams or project members.
  • Content is easy to find through the online searchable library, which explores all courseware, videos, downloadable sample files, and more.

During this time, Eagle Point has gone a step further and is offering FREE access to the Business & Management Skills and Microsoft Training content for all new and current users of ProductivityNOW through April 30th. 

ProductivityNOW subscribers can access this content for free until April 30:

Business and Management - some titles to review include:

  • Working Effectively from Home
  • Leading Virtual Teams
  • Online Meeting Etiquette
  • Cyber Security for the End user 

Microsoft Office:

  • Office 365 Teams
  • Office 365 Skype for Business
  • Office 365 Collaborating in Office 365
  • Office 365 OneDrive
  • Office 365 New Features
  • Office 365 Overview
  • Office 365 Outlook Web App
  • Office 365 Core Apps

Learn more about ProdcutivityNOW by contacting your IMAGINiT representative.

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Todd Stuart

ProductivityNOW Solutions Manager<br><br>Todd maintains responsibilities to both internal staff and customers. In addition to overseeing the daily activities of support center employees, he manages the client experience, helping to ensure their satisfaction and efficient resolution to their technical issues. Todd also collaborates with Application Engineers to procure additional resources for the NSC when needed, and he also assists sales with custom support contract content.

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