Autodesk Vault 500 Internal Server Error when moving folders

March 28, 2023 Heath White

When attempting to move certain folders within the Vault you may receive an error similar to what is shown in the following image:

In some instances, attempting to move folders containing large quantities of files can lead to this error occurring.  This is usually indicated by the ability to move some folders without issue, but other folders return this error.

Please note that other factors can be involved so this is not intended to be a solution for all situations.
The problem was most prevalent on systems with 32 Gb of RAM or less, due to the process of moving folders consuming significant resources on the system.

The current work around for this issue is to make the following configuration change (the example contains the path for the 2022 release, adjust as needed) This should be considered a temporary settings change:

Note: Prior to making any settings changes, be sure to make a backup copy of the “Connectivity.VaultPro.exe.config” file so you can quickly revert to the original

1.    Close Vault Client
2.    Open App.config (c:\Program Files\Autodesk\Vault Client 2022\Explorer\Connectivity.VaultPro.exe.config)
3.    Add the parameter in the following section <appSettings> GetFileVersionsByMasterIdsBatchSize with value of 20 or less similar to the following <add key="GetFileVersionsByMasterIdsBatchSize" value="20"/>
Since making this settings change has the potential to impact performance by increasing the API calls the Vault client makes, you will want to revert the settings back to the original values once you have been able to move the folders successfully. Using the backup you created before making any changes will make it easy to do so.

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