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June 21, 2023 Shawn Heator


What is the best method to determine the required URLs for Autodesk Single User licensing are accessible?

Autodesk recently updated their Autodesk Licensing Support Tool to include a user interface (UI) in version Through the new UI version of the Autodesk Licensing Support Tool, users can change the licensing method for their installed Autodesk applications, check if the URL’s used for Autodesk licensing are accessible, reset the local Autodesk account login, enable verbose logging, and view the Autodesk installed versions for licensing components.

The instructions below provide the necessary steps to use the AdskLicensingSupportToolUI to “Check URLs” .

For additional references regarding required URLs, use the link below to review the Autodesk documentation.


The Autodesk Licensing Support Tool can be downloaded from the Autodesk link below.

Autodesk Licensing Support Tool

The file will download as a .zip file. Extract the zip file and you will encounter two folders. Open the folder AdskLicesningSupportToolUI.

Right click on AdskLicensingSupportToolUI.exe to “Run as administrator”.

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A User Access Control dialog box may appear asking if you want this application to make changes. Select Yes. (Administrator permissions are required to run all the tools from the AdskLicensingSupportToolUI.)

The Autodesk Licensing Support Tool will appear on screen. Select the Connections tab and then select “Check URLs”.


The tool will begin checking all Autodesk required and optional URLs.

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When the tool finishes, scroll down the list to review the Accessible column to confirm the results equal True. If all URLs show the value True then all required Autodesk URLs are accessible and Single-user licensing should be able to function properly.

If there is a problem accessing the URLs, the problem URL will show False in the Accessible column and be highlighted. See example below.

If the results are “False” , Please contact your Network administrator to resolve the problem.

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