AutoCAD Text displays as blocks when zoomed out

November 29, 2021 Heath White

AutoCAD Text displays as blocks when zoomed out


Users have noticed that in certain files the text in tables, annotations, and/or dimensions become solid blocks when zoomed out and will only become legible again when zoomed into the view.


This behavior is as expected for certain fonts, such as “Arial” for example. This is not a bug or an error, but simply a typical display behavior for any font that has a bold or blocky appearance. Default fonts such as “Simplex” do not display this way.




If you would like to change this display you will need to choose a different font for use in your annotations, dimensions, tables, etc. You can do so by navigating to your text styles, either through the drop-down menu or by typing “Style” at the command line as shown below.


In the example below, the “Arial” font was used for the “WD” text style, which was utilized in the table style used to create the table displayed in the beginning of this article:


By changing the font used by the text style to a simple font, such as “romans” or “simplex” for example, the blocky appearance of the text will no longer appear when zoomed out.


The image below is the same table, shown at the same zoom factor as the original image in this article. Note the difference in the display of the text.