AutoCAD Electrical: Hangs with (s: : startup-load) Issue

April 9, 2020 Heath White


You’re working off network with local files. You have no network support search paths. However, when opening any file, even a new blank file, AutoCAD Electrical will lock up for an extended period. This process repeats for every file that is opened causing a significant impact on productivity.


This problem can occur with other versions of AutoCAD, but the issue with respect to AutoCAD Electrical is unique to the AutoCAD Electrical environment. The apparent cause is the “lastproj.fil” file, which stores the list of recently opened projects. Even if you’ve closed all projects except the current project, if there were any projects that referenced a network location which is now not accessible, the delay will occur.

To correct this issue, please remove or rename the “lastproj.fil” file while you are not connected to the network. The file will automatically be recreated without references to the inaccessible network location(s). Please ensure that AutoCAD Electrical is closed prior to deleting or modifying the “lastproj.fil” file.

While not a requirement, if you chose to rename the file, you can restore the original file once you are reconnected to the network in order to retain your list of recently used network projects. If renaming the file is your preference, it is suggested that you rename as follows: “lastproj.fil.old”

The following lists the default location for the “lastproj.fil”, however, if your file is not in the default location, you can simply search your drive for the file.

“Project Manager displays a list of open projects. The active project is at the top of the list. The list of recent projects is saved in a text file called lastproj.fil in the user folder, \Users\{username}\AppData\Roaming\Autodesk\AutoCAD Electrical {version}\{release}\{country code}\Support\User\.”


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