Alignment Station Equations Causing Incorrect Values In Labels

October 16, 2023 Ryan Wunderlich

You are in Civil 3D 2022 or 2023 and after adding station equations to the alignments the PI labels no longer give the correct values after the station(s) where the station equations were put in, but the curve segment labels do show the correct values.
Before Station Equations:

After adding Station Equations:

This is a defect that was introduced with the 2022.1.3 Update for Civil 3D and was only corrected in Civil 3D 2024

You have three possible methods of correcting this behavior:

1. Remove the Station Equations

2. Have a separate set of labels using expressions for use in the alignments after you have added a Station equation. (you will need to create an Expression that accounts for the difference in value, and a second that adds the difference to the raw station to give you a valid value that you’d use in your Alignment Labels after the station equations occur)

3. Upgrade to Civil 3D 2024 or newer

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