AEPROJECT Unknown Command in AutoCAD Electrical 2022

June 13, 2022 Joanna Gryszka


AutoCAD Electrical 2022 loads without the Project Manager and typing in AEPROJECT at the command line to open it results in an ‘Unknown command “AEPROJECT”.  Press F1 for help.’ error:


The problem can be caused by the recent AutoCAD Electrical 2022.0.2 Hotfix.  The AceLoader.dll file that was mistakenly replaced with the Hotfix needs to be reverted to the original file.

Replacing the AceLoader.dll  file is not needed for English installations, see the note 'This file is only for AutoCAD Electrical 2022.0.2 of non-English installations.'

See the Notes: section here on the 2022.0.2 Hotfix:


Verify that you’re in AutoCAD Electrical 2022.0.2 at the top right at the Help pull-down menu.  Select About AutoCAD Electrical 2022:

In the About dialog box the Product Version should be at the AutoCAD Electrical 2022.0.2 Update:

Verify the version of the AceLoader.dll file in the AutoCAD Electrical 2022 installation directory.

The default installation path is in this folder: C:\Program Files\Autodesk\AutoCAD 2022\Acade

With the hotfix applied the file version will be

Rename the file by adding a suffix of your choice(for example AceLoader-Hotfix.dll).  Then rename the original file to AceLoader.dll.

The original file version should

►If the error persists try resetting AutoCAD Electrical to default: How to reset AutoCAD to Default.  If this doesn't help AutoCAD Electrical may have to be reinstalled.

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