Advance Steel: Connection Vault palette disappeared

March 12, 2019 Cherisse Biddulph

In Advance Steel you have lost your Connection Vault palette and you can't get it to re-appear on your screen. You have tried the list below with no success.

  • Updating your software with any hotfixes or updates/service packs.
  • Disconnecting any extra monitors.
  • Activating the palette from the ribbon or command line and holding the alt+spacebar+M key from the keyboard and moving your mouse.
  • Adjusting your computers resolution and view display.
  • Update your graphics card.


Close the software and run a repair from Control Panel.

Advance steel uninstall change repair

An Advance Steel dialog will pop up. Click on Repair or Reinstall

Advance steel add remove repair

On the next screen click on Repair

Advance steel repair

Test to see if you can open the Connection Vault palette. If it still doesn't show close Advance Steel and find and delete the ASSettings_Users.xml located in the [C:\]ProgramData\Autodesk\Advance Steel [version]\[LANG]\ folder.

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