ACC Best Practice Part 2 – Permission Set up

June 15, 2023 Gregory Lee


Many users are experiencing issues with folder access and file editing in Revit due to incorrect permission settings. This can result in project files being deleted or modified by unauthorized individuals.


The root cause of these issues is often a lack of understanding about how ACC permissions work. Users may mistakenly assign project admin access to all users, or fail to properly set up permissions for individual users or roles.


To address these issues, it is important to have a clear understanding of how permissions work in ACC. The following cheat sheet provides guidance on the setup process:

  • Inviting a member to the Project Hub does not automatically grant them access to project files. Proper permission settings must be established.
  • There are three different approaches to setting up permissions: Individual, Role Control, and Company Control. Each approach has its own benefits and drawbacks.

Individual Permission Setting:

This approach is simple and works well for small projects with a limited number of users. Project admins can add individual users by email to each folder and set their permission levels. However, this approach can be time-consuming for larger projects with dozens of users.

Role Control Permission Setting:

This approach automates permission setting for invited users based on their assigned role. However, it may not prevent users from accessing and editing other parties' project models, and can be difficult to manage with a large number of roles or external parties.

Company Control Permission Setting:

This approach works well for projects of any size and can prevent unauthorized access to project files. Each user is invited to the project with their company information, and folder permissions are granted based on their company. However, this approach requires manual setup at the beginning of the project and may not work with a company's specific folder access restrictions. 

There is another important component to project permissions that users should be aware of - the Project Admin role and the level of access granted. Project Admins are given unlimited access to the entire project site. One big mistake that project teams can make is granting this access to someone who does not understand how permissions work, which could potentially lead to a data breach. Please reference following article for more details: ACC Project Security Concern on Allowing External Members as Project Admin

In summary, understanding and properly configuring permissions is crucial for successful collaboration in ACC. By following the guidance provided in this cheat sheet, users can ensure that project files are only accessible to authorized individuals, preventing accidental deletion or editing.

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