ACC Best Practice Part 1 – Folder Set up

June 12, 2023 Gregory Lee


Many users having access issue due to confusion in folder set up in Autodesk Construction Cloud (ACC).


  • There are several factors in the access issues but mainly it is due to folder structures and permission issue.

In this article, it will focus around the folder structure and how it can help users to navigate the folder easily in ACC Docs.


The default folder set up with new Autodesk Construction Cloud project with empty templates is set with single folder, Project Files.

<Basic Docs Layout>

  • Docs is the base for ACC. The product (module) is center of all file navigation and sharing activities will happen for project duration.
  • Having a good folder structure will be key to successful project and prevent users from losing their valuable productivity time due difficulty locating the files.
  • Each company has different folder standards but it will require adaptations to new system and may not able to fully implement exactly how it used to work with company.

Before the implementation of folder structure in ACC, followings are critical limitation that you need to understand.

  • Folder organization is by Alphabetical and numerical order only. You cannot customize the sort order outside of these two conditions.



  • There is character limits in the folder path (Maximum 260 characters with Autodesk Desktop Connector V16, if not it will be maximum of 212 characters)
    • Recommend having no more than 2 tier subfolders.                         
    • Keep the file name short and use abbreviated naming conventions.
  • Always consider Design Collaboration Product (module) in mind. Enabling Design Collaboration will create system folders, Shared and Consumed. Once enabled, these folders and their subfolders cannot be deleted and modified otherwise, it will start creating errors. 
  • Although you can select existing folder during Design Collaboration set up, it is better not to have Consumed and Shared folder in the Project Template to avoid duplicated folder.

If you created all the folders per your need, next step is setting up the permissions for the user. The permission set up will be covered on next part.

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