Use the adskflex_license_file system variable to point to a license server


When you keep getting the License Finder Dialog instead of obtaining a network license or you have created a new Autodesk license server and need to point your users to the new server(s) (multiple single servers or distributed servers).


1. In the Windows 10, type environment variable in the “Type here to search” in the lower left.

2. Start to type Environment Variable and then click on “Edit the system environment variable”


3. Click “Environment Variables…”


4. Click New… under “System variables”


5. Type ADSKFLEX_LICENSE_FILE for “Variable name:” and type 2080@ServerName (ServerName = your license server) for “Variable value:”
    Note: When adding multiple servers use a ; (semicolon) between them.


6. Click "Ok", Verify that it is set it in the window and now it's set!

7. Click "Ok" once more to close the environment variable window and start the program.

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