Check for Expired license file using the LMTools Utility


No one can get a license from the network license server. First check to see if the network license file is expired using the LMTools utility.

1. Open the LMTools Utility. There should be an icon on the desktop of the license server.


2. When LMTools opens click on the “Config Services” tab. Then click on the “View Log” button.


3. When the log file opens move down to the bottom of the file and start to slowly move up until you see the word “EXPIRED”. This means your license file is expired and you will need to get a new one.


4. If you see the word expired in the Debug Log file you will need to get a new license file.

5. You can now close the Debug Log file. Click on the “Close Log” button.


6. You can now close LMTools.

7. Please use this blog for instructions on how to get a new license file from Autodesk.

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