Storm and Sanitary Install fails with 15 Error or Civil 3D Deployment fails to install


You attempt a new installation of Autodesk Storm and Sanitary Analysis module (2020 and newer) or are running a Civil 3D Deployemnt and you get the following error (for SSA install) or the installer fails to complete or error (hangs at some percentage and stalls)


This problem is due to the novaPDF9SDK(x64).msi fails the Windows Verify Trust process (the certificate has expired).


Steps to resolve this issue:

Either set the system date back to June 19th, 2022 or earlier and install the Storm and Sanitary (then put the date back to the current) - this is the easiest and simplest method.  You can also rebuild the Deployment, and not include the Storm and Saniraty Analysis for now (Autodesk is aware of the issue and should release a patched update in the future)

Here's the process when setting the date back:

1. Download the SSA Installer from your Autodesk Account:

2. Disconnect the machine from the Ethernet (hard line and Wireless)

3. Launch the Command Prompt (CMD) As Administrator (if you are prompted for Admin - then you will have to involve IT)

4. Type in DATE in the command line and press enter and see if you can change the date on his machine to 06/19/2022 or earlier.
If the date change occurs, then run the Storm and Sanitary EXE from C:\Autodesk

If you are denied a date change, reboot the machine (leaving the ethernet connections disconnected), get into the BIOS and change the date there, then get logged in and run the Storm and Sanitary EXE from C:\Autodesk

5. Confirm Storm and Sanitary is installed and working (make note of any other error screens).

6. Once installed reconnect the ethernet and resync the date

That is the only way to by-pass the Server forced sync of the date (if IT policy restricts changing that).

You can try this method, however, it may no work (the method above is the preferred one),

1.  Rerun the install (but do not click Install), navigate to the %temp% folder and locate the extracted files (it will be in Autodesk_SSA_2022 / 2023 / etc.)

2.  Copy that directory to a new location (I typically use C:\Autodesk), then cancel the installer that is running.

3.  Open the x64 folder and open each of the novapdf directoried and run the MSI in each.

4. Now go back a folder to the x86 and run the MSI in the novapdf folder there

5.  Now go back to the root of the SSA installer and run Setup.exe

There is no guarentee that this process will work, but this is the other method to bypass the -15 error.  Be aware, that this process may end up leaving a watermark on the PDF Reports generated.

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