Manage users in Teams in Autodesk Account

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As an Autodesk Account admin you can manage your subscriptions (single-user only) in Teams. The following explains how to add Users to Teams, how to rename a Team and move subscriptions to a new or different Team.

Note: See on how to assign single-user subscriptions.

Autodesk Account Teams

• Autodesk subscriptions are automatically grouped into Teams or later on by an admin.
• Teams facilitate user management by grouping subscriptions by office or department.

User Management- manage users in Teams

• Before adding a user, decide which team to add the user.
• Team names appear at the top of the User Management> By User or By Product list:


• Users are unique to each team. If a user needs to be part of two teams, add them to each team.
• Admins are also unique to each team. An admin can only assign products for teams where they are an admin.

Rename a Team

• To rename a team go to User Management > By User or By Product.
• Select the Settings icon in the upper right hand side and click Rename:


Add a Team or Move products to another Team

• To move a product to another team or create a new team, contact Autodesk support.
• To find out what Team a product is on, go to Billing & Orders > Contracts and expand each contract to find the details.


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